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Custom Sheet Metal Projects

The work here was done by Doug Tweet, the owner and founder of On-Top Industries Ltd.


The Rotunda is a copper sheet metal installation that was run through a Pitsburg machine to build the perfect rounds and then joined with standing seams. The patina was achieved using a spray on acid wash to artificially age the copper to a green/blue hue


The wood structure for the table was overlaid with a malleable Reinzink metal using hand rollers to stretch it and hidden fasteners in the standing seams.


This house on 15A street in Marda Loop Calgary was designed by the architect to have a front entrance overlaid with 16 OZ Copper including the roof overhang in standing seams with copper on the fascia as well as the columns.


Copper fasteners were used and carefully hemned edges provide a clean look. The clips allow for proper expansion and contraction to avoid oil canning. The natural aging of the copper will turn a green hue over time.


These two custom home estates showcase the copper barrel vault roofing, which is achieved by curving the panels by machine or by hand over the barrel with standing seams.


The copper can be left to weather naturally or treated with an acid etch to achieve a greening blue patina as desired.

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